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Tired as soon as you wake up?

WayUp makes waking up easy by adapting to your biological rhythm

Why choose WayUp to wake up ?

A complete application to wake you up from A to Z


A progressive alarm to wake you up


Cognitive exercises to activate your brain


Stretching to get out of bed in good shape

What is the chronotype?

The chronotype refers to your tendency to be more energetic in the morning, during the day, or in the evening. It depends on your genetics.

Discover your

Depending on your result, a virtual coach will be assigned to you

How does WayUp improve your well-being ?

A solution to regulate your internal clock
  • Better sleep for a better lifestyle
  • Ways not to postpone waking up
  • Waking up at regular times
A personalized experience according to your chronotype
  • A questionnaire to determine your chronotype
  • Challenges and advice tailored to your biological rhythm
  • Indicators to monitor your efforts and progress
An energy boost to reduce the effects of sleep inertia
  • Progressive brightness to gently start your body
  • Cognitive exercises to stimulate your brain activity
  • Stretching to wake up your body

Want to wake up feeling great every morning?

They chose WayUp to wake up

“I no longer press the snooze button. I feel much fresher in the morning with WayUp"
Damien, 42
Registered 2 months ago
“I wake up better and also fall asleep much more easily !”
Jade, 20
Registered 1 month ago

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