Our mission

Improving your daily well-being

A difficult wake-up is a source of stress that can impact our entire day. WayUp aspires to make your days better.

Each wake-up is an opportunity to start your day with a smile, to find the motivation and energy needed for a fulfilling life.

Our values


Ensuring the quality of our solution based on scientifically validated research and methods


Creating a positive and stimulating atmosphere where our users and collaborators feel confident


Placing your health and well-being at the heart of our priorities by providing you with a solution tailored to your needs

Our team

“We are united by a commitment, that of encouraging each other to achieve our most ambitious goals. We created WayUp to share our energy with you. For us, the key is to start each day with energy. This involves a gradual and engaging wake-up. WayUp is the solution to accompany you every morning in overcoming the daily obstacles and achieving your most ambitious goals!

Mehdi, Nicolas and Billel

Co-founders of WayUp

Frustrated with being tired every day?


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