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What’s the point of having dreams ?

What’s the point of having dreams ?

Dreams, those fascinating stories our minds create while we sleep, have long intrigued scientists and thinkers. While their exact purpose remains a mystery, there are 5 possible functions of dreams.


Dreams can be our brain’s way of processing the day’s events, sorting and consolidating our memories. It’s a bit like our mind cleaning up, organizing important information and putting aside what’s less important. This helps reinforce learning and memory.

Threat simulation

Dreams help us to face future challenges. By simulating threatening scenarios, our dreams train us to react better to stressful or dangerous situations in waking life.
This explains why, for example, we often dream of failing an exam the night before. It’s a way of helping us anticipate certain risks.


Dreams can also strengthen our ability to put ourselves in other people’s shoes. By experiencing things from someone else’s point of view in our dreams, we develop greater understanding and empathy for other people’s feelings and perspectives.


Some experts also believe that dreams contribute to our creativity. By combining elements in unusual ways or imagining out-of-the-ordinary scenarios, our dreams can inspire creative ideas and innovative solutions to real-life problems.

Emotional regulation

Dreaming enables us to process and cope with emotions experienced during the day. By bringing us back to different emotional situations in a safe way, dreams contribute to our psychological equilibrium.


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